Thursday, May 11, 2017

I have not been on here forever and will post really soon ... promise

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fete in a neighbouring village

A friend asked me to do photos for her at a nearby village Fete ,she owns and operates Waterhall Kennels and Cattery and they did a charity fun dog show. I took over 1000 pictures yesterday and here are a few of my favourites.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wow what have I been up to????? I have alot to tell you about so best I get started! I think since Facebook came into play it was so much easier to just go on there see what others are doing and update there but I have missed my blog. So here we go I have been busy working, and moving things into my Studio ... what I hear you say a studio .. yes its true. I will post pictures of it in the next few days. I work with this guy Roeland and he is a photographer but his space is not a large as mine and he wants to collaborate with me , he takes the pictures and I will do some of the design / accessories and clothings.So our first photo shoot was with a young girl from Hungary with very pale skin and she wanted to be an ice princess for the shoot. Here is one of the photos , what do you think ?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Musing missing , if found please return to me please.......

What have I been up to ??? Its been some time since I have blogged sorry about that .. my muse has been missing. So just a few pics of what I have been up to ... I have been to Canada to visit family that was alot of fun .. I was there for two weeks... when we got back we went to see Evander Holyfield and here are a few tags I made a bit ago as well as I have been creating some tags for things I have made to sell ... just need to move my butt on that one.. I am also in the works of doing some really cool things but I cannot divulge what that is yet .... just keep your eyes peeled .. We are also expecting some really bad windy, rainy weather tonight/ tomorrow so that is not so good .. everyone be safe .

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ok what have I been doing since April , well a few things actually. Work has been keeping me very busy learning Java and how to do automation in the testing field. So my muse has not been what it was like some time back ... I have things in the work such as a workshop with Dijanne Cevaal that I started and have put to the side for a bit NAUGHTY GIRL. I have been to Sutton Hoo. Also working on some t shirts and leggings with my new toy my airbrush .... I have also had a friend from canada visit whom I have not seen for about 15 years .. she came over we went around the villages here and in london for a few days. Here are some pics of what I have been up to ..

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hi there .. sorry about neglecting the blog .. but I think my muse is on its way back. I have had a bit of a tough few weeks! One of my sisters has passed away, a very sad time indeed. A week or so later, my auntie passed away as well. It makes it hard living so far away in times like this.... We must celebrate their lives and keep all the memories of them close to our hearts. This will help us with the grieving process. I have been finding some inspiration on pinterest... wow you can really get stuck on there. Keep your eyes on my blog and you should be seeing some interesting work!! Here is a picture of my sister and her son David and daughter in law Laurie.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm back!! There has been some goings on at work and I will just leave it at that. I am still working there. Textile wise ,I have not had to much of a muse happening .. So thought hmmm what can I do ..... So I joined a online course with Dijanne Cevaal. Did you see she has been on the cover of Quilting Arts with the travellers blanket. The online course Dijanne is running is the travellers blanket ... so far I have gotten the pieces dyed and just need to sandwich them together. Promise to post pics as soon as I get the sandwich of these put together. I still have pics from Lanzarote that I wanted to share with you .. let me know what you think. Tonight I am making pizzo from bisquick base , carmelized balsamic onions and cheese pizza ...similar to Prezzos .. I will takes pics.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Happy Belated New Year 2013

WOW, How did that happen? Time seems to be slipping by so quickly! Its already Jan 11! I have not really be doing to much Art wise, I moved and have not really been in the sewing room for days ... ok months except to do silly bits of things. I think quite a few blogs have gone a bit on the wayside since FACEBOOK really ... you can get quick and easy fixes visually and replys to things almost immediately. OK still no excuse for not posting on my blog. I promise I will post more often this year. As you know last year was a bit daunting with the cataract surgery and them not being right for a bit. I am back to normal now WHATEVER NORMAL IS. I have been to lanzarote. Pictures which I have not posted on here ok ok ! I will post a few (when blogger lets me)! I have been lucky before the holiday I did win OPEN THE BOX in the pub and had the winning ticket .... 6 keys were left to choose from and I choose the right key and won £250.00 how lucky was that :) Today I just checked Maggie Greys blog and low and behold I won a freebie from her. Some shrinky plastic. She has made the cutiest little books with them and currently has a tutorial. Do have a look. As well as Maggie does sell some fantastic books written on textile stuff on her work , Lynda Monks work ... and others. The best thing about that is not only do you get the great books but they also have online tutorials ... as an added bonus. If you have not been on her website please RUN there .. OK more pics when blogger lets me. reminder to self (this is so I dont forget what I still need to post) lanzarote pictures neat little iron Dijannes debut on Quilting arts Feb 28 some new works

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Its raining its pouring!

Today it rained and rained and I was at Ickworth house taking the digital photography course Part 1 which did not make it ideal conditions for the course.
Danielle showed us how to set the apeture the F # controls this, the larger the F # the larger the depth of field that is for landscape photos. We also had to change the ISO by lowering it and raising it as well as what is the ideal exposure. She showed us how to move the focal point. Alot of camera talk, I am sure you just want to see the pictures .. in short we got off Auto mode.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Going Digital As some of you may remember I bought myself a wonderful camera Canon 550D. I am finally going to go on a course to learn to use it properly, without using auto mode, so I am really looking forward to this. EXPLORE YOUR DSLR CAMERA PART 1 This is going to take place at Ickworth House. Its a National Trust building. Ickworth's huge central Rotunda, flanked by two massive wings, dominates this eccentric house built by the equally eccentric 4th Earl of Bristol, who dreamed of creating an Italianate palace within an English landscape. So be on the lookout for quite a few photos tomorrow and in the coming days as I am practicing my new skills.
Until then, here is the quilt I made for European entry that traveled in the USA 2007 its called From the Heart. It is all hand dyed recycled fabrics. On the red part signifying the heart are peoples names embroideried that made deep lasting impressions, and the little tags are others that have been part of my life as well. Making this quilt was very touching as I now live in a different country from where I was born there are people that I dont see much and just have the great memories to remember them by.. From the Heart Throughout life people touch our lives and hearts, some make an impact. It’s those people who make the impression on our hearts that make us who we are. Sandy Marcoux 2007 From the Heart Toured with European Art Quilters 2007-2008 Special Exhibit for the Mancuso World Quilt and Textile on Tour XI National Quilt Festival, Harrisburg, PA Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, CA Greater Chicago Quilt Festival, Chicago , IL Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Quilt Fest of New Jersey Denver CO