Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bit scarey

Oh its all a bit scarey starting my first post here on the blog.
Right ok lets start at the beginning .....
First off I am a girl from Canada living here in the UK and loving it.
Ok when I say girl I mean !! Over 25 :)
More on me later!

At the moment I am working on a sketch of a quilt that I will be
doing in a workshop with Dijanne Cevaal.
but my skills at sketching are not so great so just added photo of the cloth
and perhaps once I work on the sketch a bit I can post that... no promises though.

I am inspired by the workmanship of this tribe that makes Kuba cloth in africa.
Actually a few artists were taken by this work as well, Matisse had a piece on his
studio wall.
I am going to start off with black background and then will hand dye
the yellow mustard type colour for the design ... will post some pics of
the hand dyed in a few days.
Hopefully get the fabric dyed this week and will post the progress.
Ta Ta for now.

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E-J said...

Woo hoo! She's blogging, she's blogging, she's bloggity blogging ... Feel free to link to my blog if you like, but irritatingly I can't always see the images I've posted - I get the little red cross instead. Does that ever happen to you?