Friday, March 11, 2005

Barcelona Spain

This trip I made with a friend of mine Pauline who teaches a few of us spanish during the week and we fancied going to Barcelona to practice our spanish ... I chose a few photos as I thought ohh I bet alot of people over the pond may have never seen this or been there...
What a treat this will be then ... talk about inspiration Gaudis' work ... well just have a look.
In the boqueria they even have some influence from Gaudi with the tiling at the back of the fish market. There are the buildings that he did right in amongst regular buildings.. wonderful.
Then there is the church which is just magnificent and will go back again to see the progress from when we were there last. (Dec 2003 ) and look at the blue skies.
Then there is the park ... well have a look and enjoy , tell me what you think.

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