Saturday, March 26, 2005


Saturday .... first thing in the morning went for a walk, but I got up a bit later today 7:30 the body must be adjusting itself to be ready for the time change tomorrow!! As I have gotten up early for over a week sometimes as early as 5:00 yikes all this walking and changing the way I eat must be really doing a number on my body ... I think tomorrow I will need a longer walk.
Right then it was off to the market for some clementine oranges, bananas, plums and brocoli, cauliflower ect ... snore, snore ok sorry I will snap out of it!!!
I picked up a new plant today .... kinda for my sister in canada so she can watch it grow and perhaps come over to see it. Its a wisteria here is a picture of one ....
now the one I have is considerably smaller then this but hey .... hopefully it won't take to long to grow. Sue this ones for you!!
I also did a bit of gardening, took some pics of some interesting things ... perhaps upload them tomorrow.
I found this thing its called BLOGinality but it tells you what type of personality you have, and I have done this test before and I am indeed and EnTP Extraverted, iNtuative, Thinking, and Perceiving thats me... Here is the website if you want to have a look to see what you are.
4 Easy questions HAVE FUN

OH OH OH I almost forgot ..... I ordered a book from amazon ahhhh cannot wait to get it but as its a holiday may have to wait a bit to get it .. grrrr but I do have next thursday and friday off as well so perhaps I can play ... here is what I ordered. Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing Y. Wada, M. Rice, J. Barton Does anyone have this book ? If so whats it like?
ok ok over and out talk soon.


Anonymous said...

hey sis,
you are bad,not nice to tease. seeing my name there was like winning a prize.thanks sis, and maybe it will happen soon.
your blog is the best.
i am still trying to get one,
walking is a good thing. too lazy to do it myself.
ok everyone sends there love and you's have a great easter holiday.

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Your post about time changes scared me half to death. Here (California) it is Sunday morning and I'm not ready for church yet, but couldn't resist checking a few blogs. Imagine my horror when I thought it was really an hour later! Egads!

Took the test and ended up an ISTP, just like I did 20 years ago in college. I guess some things never change. Thanks for the fun and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy.
Tonniece here, Did the test.
I am ISFP.
Intravert........Hum!!!!, Don't know about that. It was interesting though.
Hope you had a good Easter.
Bye for now

Liz Hunter said...

Hi Sandy, Y. Wada is the god of what we used to tie dye. I went to Shibori symposium in Harrogate two years ago and it was amazing. I have one of her books and another by ? Britto . They move dying and shaping into a new dimension .Liz