Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday and what am I doing ?

I am busy doing a Windows system admin Questionnaire.
This is why you have not heard a peep out of me!! But of course
went for a walk this morning eatting well... still no alcohol and busy
doing these 40 questions. I will be back with you soon as I am almost done
them yippee and waiting for my book to arrive they sent it and just waiting
for it now ... hopefully it comes today!!
Then to the sewing .. I wanted to do creative stuff but hey
work must come first so that I can make the money to get the supplies.

Post a bit later when I am finished.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hello young lady,
you certainly are commited.
bet your feeling better, good for you.i on the other hand, keeping busy, but i also should be walking.pound for pound. lol.
looking forward to your blog every day. keep up the good work.
bought dates and oatmeal. hope mine turns out. hehe
lv sue