Friday, April 15, 2005

Green Lizard

Hotel lobby in Dominican Republic Posted by Hello
I was going through some of my pics of trips of the past
and this one is of the Dominican Republic and the front of
the lobby. I love the bromiliads growing on the stumps
and if you look closely there is a wonderful lime green lizard
on the branch. I love lizards well the shapes of them but
perhaps not to touch them. The colours are just stunning.
My man is out for the night and here I sit on the computer
should be sewing "NAUGHTY GIRL" lets see how it goes

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey sis
beautiful up close, seen the lizard even, lol.
up here 19 today nice,your still looks more blooming,
trying to get the yard looking ok
vaccumed the up and down, dyed the hair, did 2 days of dishes, and now on the net, and i still think i should be doing something,
holy that was a mouth full,so you
know you just can't do it all, all at once. girl you are doing fabulous, from where i am sitting.
hope it's not too far, only a click away. so you too may take
a break. talk to you's soon.
lv sue