Saturday, May 14, 2005

Finally back posting

Hello everyone sorry to have been away so long ... had a wonderful relaxing holiday in Menorca.
Then monday I started the new job and have been sooo busy. Ok holiday very nice island and we only had one day of rain so that wasnt to bad need a bit of break from the sun anyways. I will post a couple of pictures of the trip.
Job well well its great huge learning curve again .... I have an MCSE (microsoft certified systems engineer ) degree in windows NT but ... not for windows XP which we run at work so things are found in different areas and having not done this work for a few years ... you miss alot of new and updated technology ..... and where all the stuff is found ... but I am loving it.
I got home from holiday and the computer at home would not connect to the internet for a couple of days so could not even check what was happening here on the blogs ... but I am all
caught up now ... everyones been so busy !!
Of course lawn bowling has been keeping me busy .. monday night , tuesday competition game and also on thursday ... friday out with friends from work as my collegue who sat next to me has moved on to a new job ... Wishing Simon the best of luck in his new job. Oh and I gave him a moose to keep him company at work ...a s Friday is take your moose to work day !!!
Well meeting up with some sewing friends today so will post some pics of work in progress tomorrow.
Catch up soon

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