Friday, May 27, 2005

Sues wisteria

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Well Sue here is your wisteria growing very well this year
so for next spring you will have to come along and see it
in all its blooming glory. See tree below... cannot promise it
will be that big but it will in a few years.
Oh I went to the dentist yesterday ugh had three teeth
she wanted to fill that already had fillings so she drilled
and drilled I was in the dentist chair for about 50 minutes
had an achy mouth went home did not feel like much took
some aspirin stayed in bed .. this morning it still is a bit achy
I am not to happy about that and its a long weekend here .
It best be better for then. I double promise to do some sewing
and textile things. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Cute tree did you get the other pic in Cambridge,I'd like a Lemon Verbenna tree, the scent of it is heavenly Please LOL

Anonymous said...

THANKS IT IS COMING ALONG REALLY GOOD.i just bought a mag. with a backyard full of wisteria, so beautiful. when i was driving to pick up di i seen a few vines growing between two houses, OMG,
have been putting shingles on my back of my shed, looks not too bad.
the garden starting to come out of the ground, now have to do some weeding. i think i will try to get a wisteria plant i have a high fence for it to grow, will look.
perhaps it will be a possibility to go and see that wisteria, would be nice.
will be talking to you soon thanks girl for the pic, every time i see my name there it makes me feel sooooooo good. askdjkfruf
sdnfruit hi xoxoxoxo
lv sue