Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Burning issues

Book Marks (workshop from Margaret Beale) Posted by Hello
These were some bookmarks I made after the workshop
with Margaret Beale, burning issues. I love this technique
and will take it a step further ...

The pic below is a book cover to give my sister some
ideas of things she can make. Still in a slump not doing
much of anything but reading and doing computer stuff.
BUT STILL WALKING off to see the nurse tomorrow
and will give you the good news on weight loss then.

Wave Wave see you soon.


Anonymous said...

The bookmarks are beautiful, so glad to see you here your fans in Canada check everyday,the book cover is fab like the look hope to hear from you soon.
Wave wave sis Di..

Liz said...

Hi Sandy,

Margaret Beal's workshop is brilliant, isn't it? I did it in January, but I haven't actually made anything since then - your bookmarks are great. I have bought a respirator, though, so I've got no excuse to start burning again!!