Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sunset June 23/05

Wrong date sorry but just had to post these pics. The sun was setting about 9:10 and I could not resist. Said to Simon ohhh be right back I need to go and take some pics, so off I drive towards the sun ... wow it was bright it actually made it hard to drive towards it.
There is a fab spot about 5 minutes away and off I went, camera in tote.
Just thought I had to share this with you ... Sorry Liz have not done much other then
the little wheelbarrow, well I did have to take up a couple of trousers for someone.
Should have took a pic of those!! Other then that I have been busy Lawn bowling two days
this week and doing the trousers. I will see if I can get some dyeing done this weekend for you ..

Chow for now.

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