Saturday, July 09, 2005

Things to do with odd socks

I think this lady has a great idea of what to do with odd socks. Although I think that she is using new socks but have a look its a great idea and very funny. Just a bit of humour for a saturday morning.
Perhaps post later, its a dull and dreary morning here in cambridge .. they
say the sun will come out but ..... I am not believing them.



Valeri said...

Have to tell you that we are having a baking hot day down here in Falmouth! But we deserve as its probably only our fifth day of hotness this year! :-)

Anonymous said...

well girl, it's hotter then a pepper sprout here in canada. yesterday was 44 with the humidex and hotter today, but you know i for one am loving it.
today missed work, turned off the clock OMG so i am not batting good average, not liking days, heheh but i think i am worth another day off, but thats just me.
so i will enjoy another HOT day here, wish i could send you some of the this weather, i know how you would love it as well,but will send my love to you,
lv. sue