Thursday, August 04, 2005

Family Reunion and I am not there in person but am in spirit

Well its my family reunion in canada that is going on now as I type hoo
I am not going this year.... when I did live in canada I would go every year, so
I really miss it. We did go last year and I had a great time as I had not been for
about 3 years. We do great things like have a band every night, have some drinks,
catch up with everyone. We have horseshoe tournaments and dart tournaments
and even one for mini putt. We have a raffle that family members createitems , sewing or drawing and woodworking to donate to the raffle , well something like a raffle we can buy a
certain amount of tickets they go into the pot and then the tickets get drawn out in the end.... and the good part about it is that the money made goes into the reunion funds for the next
year or enhancements on the area where we stay ..... we started out with just outhouses
years ago we now have flush toilets... out in the bush HA and a shower with hot water,
heated by propane ... how cool is that!!! Also running water from a spring feed stream.
We spare no expense :) We do this way out in the bush in northern ontario and if I told you
where I would have to kill you ;) They have signs to follow where it is and they all include cats
on them, as our last name means tomcat. And someone in the family usually make the signs as you can see in the pic with the band in the background are the previous years signs. We have been having our reunions for 45 years now and the amount of people that go vary, it has been known to have over 200 some years. Now that is a good time. So here is to my family Laise la bonne temps roule........ Have a great time.

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