Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fan fold dyeing

For Linda of Occasional Jottings
This is the technique used for fan folding and dyeing the fabric.
Linda this one is an older piece, so I just took the fabric fan folded it and
clamped it with clothes pegs as shown. Put some dye into the container that
you will be using and put in piece this will soak up some of the colour from
one side... then you take a spoon or squirty device and pour this on the top of
the piece so you get two colours bits of darker on one side
and lighter on the other... give it a go and see how yours turns out.

ta for now ironing and sewing on a lovely day off today.

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Linda said...

Thank you! I've never had a pesonal lesson on the web before - that was brilliant. I think the only difference between what I've been doing, with much less success than yours, is having two dyebaths and turning the fabric over into the second. This always leaves a murkey middle section. Next time I have the dyes out I'll try squirting dye on the top!
Now for the next question :-) "Elmers blue gel glue washable" ?

I suspect we may be on the same e-mail lists, where my sig is 'Linda in Sale' - ring any bells?

Hope you had a good day off, and thanks again for the dying explanation.

smarcoux said...

eheh no problem with the personal list Linda, yes we are on bql list, I also belong to alternativequilt list or something to that effect. dyelist as well hmmm likemindedthreads.
Elmers I will post on the blog.

personal lesson anytime.