Monday, August 29, 2005

Thick Bleach experiment

Technique of thick bleach on black tshirt

A little experiment with thick bleach on a black tshirt.
I have been wanting to try bleach on black for some time now
and decided to give it a go. Here are the results, I am very
pleased with them.
I also thought it might be an idea to do some hand dyeing
as I was doing a few loads of washing anyways....
as I took the last load out of the washing machine, I thought hmmm
funny smell and looked near the machine and little puffs of smoke
were coming from the machine!!!!!! This cannot be good, I havent
tried the machine as of yet and something I think burned out.
We have been looking around anyways for a toploader instead
of the front one so its one way to burn out the old machine.
I am going to do some dyeing anyways today just rinse them out
well and swish them in some soapy water hopefully they will come
out fine... sooooo pics of those dyed pieces later today... till then ;)
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