Sunday, October 02, 2005


Ok so I haven't posted in a while really. Sorry about that, things have been a changing!
Right well, my old boss left the company and I applied for the job and kinda got it.
I am in charge of the Product Assurance team, till he hires a new boss to come in and I will keep my position where I am ... Principal Product Assurance Manager (phew that is a mouthful)
I am very happy with the decision. Dont want to talk to much shop on here.
I have been a bit sicky this week as well with a cold. Its one of those colds where you feel
crappy but not bad enough to keep you at home in bed, besides having to start that new position this week, I did not see it to wise to take the time off.

Yesterday I started and finished reading a book, most unlike me. The book is "The LOST BOY" by Dave Pelzer. Its about a young boy, whose mother abused him and he went into foster homes.
He did end up making something of himself, so it goes to show that even if things are bad if you try to better your life you can overcome things. Hats off to Dave P.
Then after that I started another book, Along came a spider. This was a movie and I did see it but the book is much better, I think.
I purchased those books at a WI cake stall and book sale yesterday morning.
The ladies in the village have this every year so I got up made some muffins for them to sell.
I went down with a little box and came back with it full of goodies. I got some beetroot, someone had canned and some beetroot to roast as well for dinner today. Some apples, two books and on the tombola I won some lovely celtic shortbread cookies. As you will see below, I did purchase the plant. Pheasant berry plant, I have been wanting one for some time now and for only a POUND, yipppeeee.
Oh yes then I posted some photos of some of my plants, Fishtail palm, my cousin used to have a huge one in her house years ago and everytime I see my plant I think of her... HI JUNE and CARLOS.
The other plant is one I bought last year at the WI stall, hoya and its flowered 4 times this year wow .. not sure if that is normal but I feel very lucky for it to be in a happy spot.
Alright enough for today off to do POSTCards

Ok now what I am up today, POSTCARDS to be done today so ladies you will be getting htem shortly.

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filambulle said...

I'm happy for you, Sandy. congratulations.