Friday, October 21, 2005

New blogger and jewelry

Well I have a very talented friend, Liz Marley whom I work with and we have a little group together. She is also part of the group Fibrefusion with Pauline Verrinder, and she has finally started a blog. Please do take the time to have a look at her blog, there is not much there at the moment but I am sure she will fill it up with tons of her talented works.

Postcards are being finished up this weekend, and yes it has taken me a bit to do them.
I met up with a few other friends last night that we get together and I had taught them
patchwork and now they are kinda off doing some of their own things so we have gotten
together for the first time in a year.... I must have worn them out last year getting ready
for the craft show we had. Cheeky grin.
Here is a sample of Carines' work she is doing jewelry now and soon would like to
start her website with her works .. so let me be the first to preview her work!!!

Well done Carine.

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