Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well, sorry I have been kept busy with things. First finishing off my postcards
phew !! about time too. So ladies you should be recieving them shortly. Second
work has been busier then HECK, we have products going out the door and we are
at the end of the line to test them and make sure they are in the best order they
can be in.
I want to doing some creative stuff but of course I have a few other jobs that I said
yes sure I can do that for you... tablecloths for my friend Jose who does the most
wonderful Tapas needs tablecloths for the new pub he is moving to so has asked
me if I can do this for him so I have to do 36 tablecloths by thursday/friday this
week and I have to go out today to get the fabric ... hopefully they have enough
when I go.
Last week, I went for a walk on sunday and here are a few sites that I did see.
Now off to Dunel Mills to get the fabric.
Have a great day its sunny and warm here today yippeee but I will be in sewing

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