Sunday, October 16, 2005

Weekend wanderings and workshop ect.

Well what a busy weekend I have had. Started on friday night at Embroiderers Guild, we booked Yvonne Brown to do a talk friday night and a workshop on saturday.
She gave a great talk on friday on how her career started and how its progressing with
her work. Fabulous by the way, do take some time to look at her website.
Saturday we did such a great workshop on Celtic Cutwork and Medival Magic.... wooooo
am I excited about this one .. PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE FOR SOME WORK
Saturday night went out to dinner as I was too pooped to do any cooking. I had a cottage
pie and winter veg. Yum!!
Sunday up early cleaning up then off we went to France and Belgium and Calais to get
some wine for christmas. hahahah will it last that long??? Hopefully!
Didnt get home till 9:30 at night so tired out now but still had to come see what everyone
was up to on the ring.
Now back to work tomorrow :( could do with one more day off.
Like I said Watch this Space.
See ya

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dijanne cevaal said...

You have been busy then! Any new quilts made (gggg)??? Things are warming up here- thank goodness- was getting sick of the cold!!
( and have a red one - wine that is- for me- as a cheers for losing all that weight!fantastic)