Friday, November 25, 2005

Talent runs in the family and MINI farewall

I just wanted to put my sisters work on my blog showing that talent
runs in the family .... funny we are both doing books at the time.
Dianne my sister who has not started a blog as of yet... move your
butt girly. She has made some wonderful book covers and I just had
to show them off here ... they are all for sale as well but not sure
how much they are. If you are interested just let me know and
I can pass along the message.
Well done Dianne.

Today I am off work yippeee ... well when I say yipppeee its great to
be off work but have so much work around the house to do that I better make
a list and stick to it.
To do clean and wash kitchen floor
Hallway sweep
vacuum livingroom DONE
wash some clothes
change sheets on bed
clean oven
so a bit of sewing for the craft show next wednesday
Goodness have I bored you yet?
Also get my MINI ready to be sold boo hoo hoo
yes I am just throwing this in here as I am selling my mini
so I have to wash her, vaccuum her out, wipe the dash lovingly
take her for a final spin and then today someone is going to take
her away :(((
So till later, see ya, I will be very busy
I will post a final pic of her later after she is all sparkling clean.

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