Thursday, December 08, 2005

bad blogger

OK OK I have been mega busy ...... ok so sold the mini... boo hoo hoo but have a blue metro instead so that is ok .. take pics of her over the weekend. Then busy with getting the kitchen ready for painting and going away to barcelona... no pics of this trip as the camera was having a hissy fit!!!!!
Had a wonderful time, excellent sites .. gaudi stuff and food yummy paella a la marisco FANTASTICO !!!
Then of course before the trip to barcelona had the craft show at work ...!!! some pics of the books I made .. made a bit of spending money for the trip as well so that was great.
Ok back to the trip we met some wonderful ladies .. they were sisters and they are our christmas girls .... NOELLE and CAROLE HI girls ... (they are from the USA btw) and tons of fun... I dont think they thought so when they were not feeling so well the next day after a night of dinner then drinking CAVA (champagne) but you cannot call it that unless its from the champagne region... but by ohh lets say 3:00 ish the next day they were better !!! tee hee hee sorry girls.
Then of course back home after going to barcelona .. haircut the next day and back to work .... busy as heck and clearing up after the painting was done .. putting things back ... phew tuckered me out already just typing it...
So finally getting to tell you what has been going on... sooo stay tuned for more fun and excitement and perhaps even a bit of textile talk.

ta for now

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Anonymous said...

hello there,
had me dangling, waiting to see whats next. too much time on my hands, although i have been dabaling heheh, i am sure di said. anyway, great to hear you had the best time ever,boo hoo sorry about the car, but wonderful to get a replacement YES. books look magnificent, you talented girls. you kick ass girl. opps
lv sue dhynee xoxo