Thursday, January 19, 2006

Finished !!!!!!!

Sorry cannot post a picture of it .... (nudge nudge,wink,wink ) you know what I mean..
Phew load off my mind. Now onto bigger and better things... Tomorrow night Laura
Kemshalls talk and trunk show. Then Saturday quiltmaking with Laura .. NO idea
what I am going to do yet but going to go and get some of my things together...
So do expect to see pics galore here from the talk and workshop... I will make sure
I get her permission to post them as well.
Also Saturday night we have my mans work party and its Black tie and we have
to wear hats soooooo pics of that as well. You will be sick of all these pics !!
Karoda and Annabel asked where I got these paints. Here in the UK at I used almost 1/4 of the tube on that smallish piece of fabric and it was quite thin so if your looking to do alot of dyeing umm not so practical
but great if you just want to do a smallish piece .. the colour washed out a bit on the second colour brown and orange, but maybe I just did not leave it on long enough.
ok so nighty night for now and watch this space.

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