Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Can you RESIST Posted by Picasa
Well here are a few samples of some elmers blue gel
glue resists that are long overdue. I recieved some
glue from Jen in Lousianna, as she was so kind as
to send me not one but two bottles of this .
Thanks again Jen I have used up half a bottle on
this one piece of fabric. What do you think?
I still have to wait till it dries then overdye this.
Then wash out the dye and see how it all turns out.
Kinda excited about this I have the idea to overdye
with a dark plum colour I think ... hmm
any other ideas when you do overdyeing it might
come out different with the greenish undertone.
I am getting together my list of me me things
thanks Liz I owe you one. ;)
I am also working on a piece for the yahoo group I belong to
LIKEMINDEDTHREADS a small piece that should be 6 inches
by 6 inches and has to do with spring has sprung... I am not
really a flowery type of girl but still going to participate.
So off to do some hand sewing .. Later


Anonymous said...

Hello Sandy
I love th patterns on these, can't wait to see when its finished..
Dianne Love Ya

Felicity said...

Hi Sandy, sorry I'm having trouble replying by e-mail but I wanted to say - oh yes you can :)!!

jenclair said...

I think you are on a creativity high! Haven't been by for awhile and look at all the cool stuff you've been doing. I've never even tried the Elmer's blue glue gel, but after seeing what you're doing, I'm going to have to make the effort. The patterns look like so much fun to do.