Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kittys made by Siena

Here kitty kitty Posted by Picasa
These little beauties are made by Dijannes
daughter Siena whom I commissioned for her to do
for me for my family reunion. She did about 6
for me and they are just stunning... cannot wait
to raffle them off back home in canada... and they
came all the way from Australia. With that wonderful
package came the postcard below, in which both
karoda and Annabel guessed correctly of whos
work it was. Dijanne also sent me some fine web
that she usually works with ... ok I was going to
try to write the name of it but I forgot what its
called . I did also get a 2000 Bounty exhibition poster
showing quilts from Australian artists This quilts have
traveled to Europe, New Zealand and Australia.
This was works by a group called "Twisted" including
Dijanne Cevaal, Robina Summers, Olga Walters,
Jenny Bowkers, Dianne Firth, Beth Miller and
Beth and Trevor Reid (artists poster)

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suzanne said...

hey girl
can't wait for the reunion for those kittys to get a marcoux home.
good things from afar. talk to you soon.
lv. sue