Monday, January 09, 2006

Oil paintings

Abstract oil painting 30 odd years ago Posted by Picasa
I did these paintings when in high school
art class. I love the colours of the brown and
hey doesnt it look like driftwood? Just thought
I would post some of my older artwork to see
the progression. In the picture below I did a
wood frame by painting it ? I have no idea what
I was really thinking when doing this but thought
I had to do a knot in the frame so it would kinda
look real. I did enjoy doing these and when painting
the sky I did not want them to be blue .. I am always
that type of person that has to be different and
not go with the flow. If your at a workshop and you
want me to do something like what you did NOPE
I have to do something different!! Thats me!

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Anonymous said...

hello dear sister,
i remember those paintings, just like it was almost yesterday. they bring back some memories, don't must have brought your treasure box with you, a girl can't go places without it.
i also wanted to comment on your man, just like one of the ladies said does he have a blog. thats the proper thing, hehehe
can't wait to see the outcome of your new project, the colours are beautiful. ta ta for now
lv. sue