Friday, January 06, 2006

Queens house and London 2005

STALLING FOR TIME !! WHO ME ?? What are you talking about?
No NO I want to do some creative sewing but just cleaned my sewing
area up :) Yes I will get back in there as I have a great idea brewing
in my head, its got to do with a lovely flower or flowering thing. I will give you
more info tomorrow but for tonight, I give you Last years birthday trip and
pictures in London and on the london eye!
Ok the first picture in the collage is a view of london from the eye, and just
above the middle is where the Queen lives at Buckingham Palace, buckhouse
is what we call it here. Second pic is of the London Eye, the next pic is of
the road leading to Buckhouse and the last pic is of another view of London.
Now on the London Eye.... who knew but I am a bit weirded out by some heights,
this happened to be one of them and I did not realize till we were going up. Hmmmm
this is all glassed in well the floors not or I would not have gone on it .. but
was feeling a bit queesy on it and would not go to close to the edge without
holding on to the rail. We had a wonderful day.
Ok so tomorrow pics about my next project that I will be working on. Ta Ta

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