Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quick colours

Easy easy dyeing .. I started out with a white piece of lawn I think they call it here ... really fine cotton fabric. I first thought ohh lets put some elastics on for a resist. Ok that done .. now lets take the white fabric and wet it, put some quick colour on it and presto magico ... after you put it in the microwave for 4 ish minutes the yellow appears, rinse it then iron it dryish and then try putting browns and oranges on it ... the colour looked great after it came out of the microwave but the colour didnt really stay hmmm should I have let it sit longer .. who knows but now I think the piece looks a bit wishy washy and wondering if I should overdye it but I dont want to remove the elastics till I do that so there it sits waiting for me!

Right now I am back to doing a job for someone in my village who belongs to the masonic lodge .. so cannot really say what I am doing (nudge nudge ... wink wink....)
But I had a heck of time doing the lettering last time and had to abandon it. Now back to it and it needs to be finished by this weekend...
Well this time I have sewn the letters on .. using felt this time (so they cannot wash it).
Last time I used fabric and it started fraying and then I tried using a satin stitch but
apparently that doesn t work so well on crinkle velour bahhhh what was I thinking..
So now this is working with the felt .. of course had to stablize the fabric with some interfacing
the knit type .. so far all is going well. HOpefully going to finish this tonight so I can play with stuff I want to do...
JUST SAY NO to others who keep asking me. Can you just? NOOOOOOO I SAY NO
Better get at it so I can finish it . Till later.

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annabel said...

This is very interesting. I've not heard of those stick dye things before. Are they worth buying do you think?