Sunday, January 08, 2006

Size is everything!

one of the drawings banana flower Posted by Picasa

OH my goodness, size and proportion are way off.
My man said, whom I might add can draw said umm
you drew them so far apart (flowery things) I said
yes , yes I am crap at drawing you know that.
But good exercise I think ! HA HA.
I may have to resort to using cut out pieces
of the pictures I found. Not such a bad thing, if I want
this to look anything remotely like what it should.
Felicity and you strive for perfection eheh cannot
find any of that here. I just dont want to stress myself
out about doing some of the work... I am already doing
so many other things today to avoid doing this quilt.
Did some resist dyeing on some black fabric, and pulling out
alot of other pieces of fabric for another quilt I want to work on
that is for someone special. Then I went up to the loft
to take a couple of pictures of some of my older work when
I was in high school. The are abstract oil paintings and I
will post them tomorrow if anyone wants to have a look.

Then I have a workshop withLaura Kemshall
this month. There might be one or two spaces available
so if you fancy doing a workshop with her on Jan 21st
here in cambridge, you can leave me a post,
and I will get back to you about it.


marion said...

What's the workshop, Sandy? We Norfolkers can manage down to Cambridge on an occasion...providing it's not snowing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girly
The stock of the flower is really curvy and the leaves almost inter lock, might be easier to draw it like that... Just a suggestion..
Love ya Di....

Felicity said...

I'm really trying not to - honest! I can draw realistically but that doesn't make it 'better' it needs personality too. Your drawing looks lovely as it is! (Is your man posting his work anywhere where it can be seen - I'm curious now!)

annabel said...

Yep, I'm curious too.(Felicity's comment) I went to a workshop with Linda and Laura Kemsahll in August and had a wonderful time. I absolutely love Laura's work. The last one I saw was of 3 pears on a table and is probably my fave quilt of all time. (I actually wrote and told her so too! So a bit of a fan) Enjoy yourself.