Friday, February 03, 2006

Balentine and I 2004

Me and Balentine 2004 Posted by Picasa

Ohh 2 years ago almost! Its about the most recent
picture I have of myself, that looks any good ok I
am lying I have one from last year but not really good.
This one will have to do! I was going to try to put a pic
on my profile but hmmmm I think this one is a bit to big
so back to the drawing board... perhaps get my man to
take a few pictures of me and I can chose from there.
Speaking of my man HE IS TAKING ME TO PARIS
NEXT WEEKEND !!!!!! yippeeeeee to Montmarte area!!!
This is near Moulin Rouge , Sacre Coeur and
Girls guess what area that is FABRIC AREA!!! what luck!
mahhhaawwww sinister laugh here.... I will have to take
plenty of pictures and hopefully not spend to much on

This is not till next friday so till then I will keep pressing on
with art type projects and they are coming along.. I have even
been knitting .. thanks to all the knitaholics on these blogs.
One in particular is very funny and he does some wonderful
art work with knit related themes have a look.
The Panopticon

For now off I go to knit and iron some more chiffon bits

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