Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rust dyeing

Rust Dyeing in process Posted by Picasa
Well I just had to try doing some rust dyeing.
I had an old rusty pair of pliers that we found in
the garden, so thought hmmm lets try those.
I put fabric around the piece, wet it and sat it
in the backyard... for about 4 weeks ... had a look
nothing!! kept wetting it but I think it dried out
to many times. The aha! I read somewhere
to use vinegar and wrap it up in a bag.. well
that is what I did and tada! (for a week)
I almost left it a bit to long as it is a bit crunchy
and almost starting to desolve the fabric with
rust dye.... so may redye it with rust to continue
the pattern .... stay tuned.


jackie said...

One way to rust fabric,is to soak in a solution of salt water ie. 2cups of salt to 2pts of water. Tease out wire wool to cover fabric and leave for a week.Thanks for your blog. You have inspired me to start one at stitchworks-jackie.

suzanne said...

hey sis i am going to try that with vinegar, and do one with salt and water to see the difference.
blogging does give you inspiration to do more, and blogging is so much fun.
thanks lv. sue

suzanne said...

Also your pic's are wonderful, but how does that piece look when the material is opened.
roses roses xoxo Valintine
lv. sue and u know who.

Liz said...

This has turned out lovely, Sandy. Is it cotton or silk? I found when I did mine that silk takes the colour much better.