Saturday, March 04, 2006

In preparation

cleaned up sewing area Posted by Picasa
Sorry I have been away for a bit .. cleaning and
stuff like that in preparation of my sister coming
to visit for 3 weeks and I have a week off work
for holidays.

Hows this for a silly amount of fabric!!

LOOK how nice and clean this
area is now. Well look out as I will be very busy
with teaching my sister all new techniques.
So you will see pictures and work in the next few
weeks keep posted .. She arrives today at about
12:30 here so I best get my butt in gear and
finish up the rest of the cleaning I need to do.
Keep posted its going to be a busy few weeks.


Kat said...

It must be great to see all your fabric at once - no hunting through drawers and boxes trying to find a fabric. Do you have any problems with the light fading the fabric?

jackie said...

I have just got my husband to look at your stash- he thinks I have a lot of junk as he puts it. He contends that I have as much fabric; I dont but I have a lot of 'useful' stuff. I have just tidied as my son has moved and given me new shelves. I will post a pic soon.

Liz Hunter said...

"She who dies with most fabric wins" I think you are in with a chance.