Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lavenham and Medieval Flushwork

Last friday we finally made it to Lavenham! We tried to make it there the first week my sister came over but got abit waylaid shall we call it and ended up in Clare. Then the saturday after that we went and had a workshop with Margaret Talbot called Medieval tiles and mosaics .... she did a book on Flushwork which is medieval tiles with flint. One of the places in her book is Lavenham and I am sure we would not have noticed the flint and its significance if we had not had the workshop and knowledge. So right back to Lavenham, we made it there last friday and low and behold found the church and its flushwork SEE BELOW.

There are some other lovely bits and pieces, do enjoy and if your out that way do stop by and have a good look. There is alot to see. Tomorrow more on Lavenham.

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