Sunday, March 26, 2006

Till me meet up again

ta ta for now sister Posted by Picasa
I write this with tears in my eyes to say till we meet again
to my sister Dianne. I did not go to the airport with them as the luggage
had filled the car up and I am also a very big suck when it comes to
goodbyes. I cry and then get a lump in my throat and am not able to talk.
Its always so lovely to see them visit
or to go visit them but the goodbyes are just a killer to me.
I am such a wimp. So I post a picture of us during Diannes
visit here and good times we had during that visit. Sniffle sniffle...
Kinda weird to not hear her voice this afternoon and a bit
of an empty spot ..right here (points to chest) LOVE YA SIS...
ok ok come on ... we had a wonderful visit getting caught up
again with each other and showing Dianne new techniques in textiles
ect. so that she can show her friends and our sister back home.
Hope I did not wear her out as we were up and out everyday
running around going here and going there. We had a workshop and
then we went to see a few places that stemmed from the workshop
of the churches that have flushwork on them.

Medival Flushwork is a unique regional art form, given its name
because the flint and stone are set flush with each other. Knapped
flint and stone are combined to create architectural patterns and
decorative motifs on the external walls of medival churches.
Suffolk and South Norfolk have a rich variety of these. (15th Century)
Stay tuned as I will travel around and take pictures of these different
churches and the flushwork around the area.

Have a great flight Dianne and Jan, talk to you really soon


Liz said...

Sandy, which is you and which is Dianne?

smarcoux said...

Hi Liz
I am the one in the black and the one in the olive is my lovely sister Dianne .

Eeeeee-J said...

You look very glam there, Sandy!

kathy said...

I hate good-byes too and after 3 weeks they can be very distressing... you live in a beautiful area, looks rich with history.