Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gotta LOVE saturday mail delivery

Ok its official, I recieved my cards today in the post. I got them from VistaPrint
Its Official Posted by Picasa I am officially a Textile Artist ... see it says so right there in print.
I got business cards, well I have not set up a business but have them for when I do.
Also got a few fridge magnets... yipeee they look great. The prices are right too, they usually have sales on all the time and you sometimes just have to pay for shipping. I also recieved return address labels which I will use when sending out fabric postcards in swaps ect.
You are also able to upload images so if you have done some work and want that to be the background of the cards you can do that... darn should have worked out a commission with them after a few of you read this post. :)


Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh you official Textile Artist, you! If you start calling yourself this, others will follow.

Jan B said...

Sounds impressive to me, but of course I knew you when you were a lowly fabric store manager! Huge hugs from Canada, and Happy Easter from all the Ballantynes. Sorry, I licked all the chocolate.

Frederique said...

Congratulations ! Textile Artist... it's sound terrific !
Thanks for your email,


E-J said...

I always wondered what "T & A" stood for ...

Sandra said...

Very cool! Love your cards. Congrats on coming out of the (fabric) closet LOL - Salut l'artiste!