Sunday, April 16, 2006

Is that a paper bag? YES!

Paper bag"! Posted by Picasa
Can you believe this! They told me that it would work but I never did believe them, but hey look its true and it works ... You know the paper bags you sometimes get from places, for example at fabric booths when you go to quilt shows ect. Well someone said that you could iron them onto fabric and it would take the imprint off from the bag. TADA its true and it works. Left side is the paper bag and the Right side is the fabric that I ironed it onto. AMAZING, hmmmm now what to do with it. I really an not a flowery type of girl.


Dianne said...

Hello Girly.
Your so funny, glad it works now I will try mine.. Maaybe you can make something for somebody who does love flowers..
Love ya Di...

Anonymous said...

hey girl,
very nice, i will also try mine,
ok what happened, it shows that i am not a blogger.
so sending this anonymous.
love sue

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, but is it color and light fast??? Oh, you just knew SOMEBODY would have to be a killjoy! Lovely effect, though.

downunderdale said...

does it matter if it's colour and lightfast? You could always seal it with a medium etc. What a great idea - I shall try it myself