Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln cathedral Posted by Picasa
One of the finest medieval buildings in Europe started in 1072. While we were walking around and let me tell you this is a steep walk up to the top where the cathedral is ... It gives you a work out just getting up there to see it so I can only image when they had to go to church, they must have been tuckered out by the time they got there.
While we were walking around the area, I heard an american accent quite loud .. I looked around a blonde lady and tv crew ... they were doing some talk about Tom Hanks hmm I didnt have a clue what they might be talking about. A little later as we went t the castle for a tour, I asked the guide what that lady was talking about Tom Hanks and a movie here ... he said oh yes that is a while back he was here to do the Davinci Code movie... he said westminister abbey did not let them film there so this was the closest they could get to looking like westminister.
All in all we had a lovely day it was sunny and we tuckered ourselves out .. we wont be long for the pillow tonight.


suzanne said...

Wow nice pic's for a walk. I can only drive and take mine, Di keeps telling me to STOP then take the pic's at least, that long ago must have been so tough. Raining here, since friday night, so yuck, heheh
Di probably loves it, crazy??
Nice things to see while on a walk.
talk soon.
love sue

Dianne said...

Glad to see you are going on the road trip, you got some fabulous photos. OMG Tom Hanks can't wait to see the movie...
I have been loving the rain, went to St. Jacobs market beautiful in the rain on those country roads..
Gonna rain for a few more eheh.
Hope you go on more road trips, hope Si is liking it too....
Love Di..

JKill Smith said...

Hi Sandy, l was in Lincoln the day you were, when you can try and go to York,the cathedral is fantastic and you can do rubbings for a little donation, l used them in C/G