Friday, April 21, 2006

reverse transfer kokopelli

Kokopelli by the river Posted by Picasa
I love this technique with the transfer paints. So when doing this technique you paint the piece then put the resist and iron onthe second transfer piece .... so the image is a resist.. great idea .. but what you get from the paper resist is paint on the paper and you can use that to iron on to fabric again, as shown.
I hand dyed the yellow piece (love it by the way ) and the deep aubregine too and I think they look great together ... shall sew then together and take them on our outting tomorrow .. we are off to lincolnshire for a drive ... pics on that later Saturday night.
If you have any questions on how this is done just let me know and I will explain.


dijanne cevaal said...

Yep i do- are you painting two pieces of paper- and one is a resist?

suzanne said...

looking good!
I have a question for you, i wear this throw away paper jacket, long one, and the material is 100% POLYPROPILINE, could i use this as a bondaweb, funny i was trying the paper that you iron on and used this jacket,the paper was stuck on the material from the jacket,the paper color came through.
I guess i could play around and find out, but your so fast at the come back answers, heheh
keeping my eye on this blog.
love sue