Friday, April 28, 2006


nita nita surou san Posted by Picasa
First let me explain the nita nita surou san. When I used to take Karate back in Canada, my sensi nicknamed me nita nita surou san which means smirk.
Now everyone can associate a name with the face.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Great to have a face to put to your name, Sandy!

Sandra said...

There you are! Like Shirley says, it's nice to put a face with your name. My 7 yr old son takes karate, but so far no nickname... for awhile it coulda been "quit-fooling-around" however you say that in Japanese... sometimes I call him tetsujin to tease him ;o)

MargaretR said...

Hi Sandy, Blogger letting me comment today! I love your new photo, it does make a difference to be able to see and recognise a face. Maybe I should have one too?

E-J said...

Nice photo, Smirky - err, Sandy!