Sunday, May 28, 2006

Discharge with bleach on tissue paper

Experiment with tissue paper
Well its a long weekend here in the UK with a bank holiday on monday YAHOO I could use a week off really but that is another story. I have only had a week off in march when my sister came to visit and that came out of last years holiday that I carried over.. so we are well overdue for one .. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?
So this weekend yesterday .. not much was happening .. was nursing a bit of a hangover ugh! andn it rained all morning as soon as I was going to go out in the garden to do some things. So that has gotten pushed back to today .. but yesterday I did try out discharging black tissue paper with thick bleach .. they look pretty good so I think I might try out some postcards see how it goes. I posted a few postcards I did with a swap on Likemindedthreads yahoo group that I belong to ... they did some fantastic work NO?
As for today I have been out trimming the hedges .. they are over 5 foot so a ladder is necessary and they are the length of the house so maybe 80 foot long ... something like that . Its really hard work as you have to hold the hedge trimmer whilst cutting and my arms are not really all that strong .. wahh wahh wahh sorry to whine ... so for a break I came here to see what was happening out there in blogland .. so back to the garden for me now .

Hope everyone in the UK is having a great holiday weekend and the usa I think its memorial day Have a good one.Posted by Picasa

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