Friday, May 12, 2006

Dyeing on a friday

As you can see I have been a bit busy dyeing today. I have pieces in the machine washing as we speak and as you can see ... my hands are a bit blue .. doesnt look very nice. Perhaps I will try some bleach on them. I dyed some threads and fabrics today also redyed a couple of pieces the one with some circles .. tye dyed look was one I did back a while ago with some dyes you did in the microwave .. instant type ones. The colour was not really strong enough for my liking so I had left the elastics on pics to come later when the laundry is done and they are dry.

I am not sure if you remember a piece that I had started dyeing ... mossy green then spilt some paint on it BROWN sparkly then I did some blue gel glue resist. Well I redyed that piece and it looks great .. well in the wash now as well so I will post pics of befores and afters.

One other thing I tried was dyeing some newprint paper .. hmmm didnt turn out so good .. kept ripping .. but lets see what happens when it is dry.

So another post perhaps tomorrow with the final results .. keep posted

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