Sunday, May 07, 2006

New technique weekend

Well its been a busy weekend doing just art ... lucky me. I have been playing around with painting books, shrink plastic... ummm the results were not that great but looking forward to trying new things with this stuff. Painted bondaweb which I think turned out really good. The thing is ... what is up with GREEN, I have been using green now in my palette for some time and really I am not even a green lover... but do like the blending of greens as you can tell. I have been using it since the begginning of the year and I see that green means contentment !
Finally the sun is out for the weekend.... almost 6.00 o'clock and finally it decides to come out.... YA good timing.. no wonder I stayed in doing art.
Right so a busy week coming up lawn bowling monday and wednesday and try to get in some sewing in between that. Later tonight I am going to try out bleaching with stamps ... results later.
Hope you enjoy the stuff I have done so far.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Gotta ask - what is the attraction to painting on bondaweb? And then do you actually bond it to fabric afterwards? I tried a very small sample and couldn't figure out why it is so popular. Enlighten me please!!!


Dianne said...

Holey Moley, lots of beautiful stuff you added, I can't wait to try some of them. I'm sure a lot of other Ladies look at your blog silly..
Hope to talk to you today..
Love ya sis

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,

Remember me, Irene? I would like to get in touch again.

I love your blogsite and all the stuff you have been doing.