Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tests with discharge paste

Killed the blowdryer, YIKES
Ok so I thought I would try the discharge paste out, PEE UUU very smelly but a good effect. You just paint on the discharge paste , or stamp it on the fabric and let it dry and if your anything like me, Miss Impatient. I then got the blow dryer out. HA HA as it got hotter it lightened the fabric up without even ironing it, but then the blowdryer quit!! Luckily it only just overheated, so its now working and its dry. Results are just below this pic.

I know, I know I dont POST for a while then I overload you. Sorry about that, but have some time to put things on my blog. I had just posted the last work and came back to the computer and had 2 comments already ... yahhooo soo people are out there reading my blog besides my sisters! :)

Sande thank you for the compliments on my book covers and for Charlotte, who wants to know what NOTAN is. Notan is a japanese word meaning dark-light, the principle of light and dark design. It focuses the interaction between positive and negative. See the link and the students work its really fantastic and I have seen it before in some Quilts.


Karoda said...

Thanks for introducing me to the word Notan. I'd like to get the book referenced on the link you provided.

smarcoux said...

Hi Karoda
Yes I have the book and its great.
The Dark-Light Principle of design
Author Dorr Bothwell and Marlys Mayfield
isbn 0-486-26856-X

jackie said...

Looks like something a lot of us will be having a go at now - if not now then as soon as we get some time.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Of course we're reading your blog, Sandy, just waiting for some more gems. I confess that I iron my discharged stuff when wet. Love that Notan!

suzanne said...

hey sis,
we know when your off any lenght of time, we would be getting to see
some real goodies, and see! All the goodies look marvalous. the Notan look is really impressive, like that one. You go girl.
Canadian Girls Kick Ass. SMILING!!!!
love sue

Carol said...

Wow Sandy you have been busy, some lovely samples here