Saturday, May 06, 2006

Things that are keeping me out of trouble

These are a few things that have been keeping me busy lately. First of all work taking up all my time !!! boooo Second the season of lawn bowling has started so that is also taking up alot of my time one day a week roll up then another day of the week we have a game sooooo trying to fit in time to do some of my art. I have also been doing some transfer paints and believe me cutting out this design takes over an hour PHEW. But I am having alot of fun with this technique. Also I have been doing some NOTAN techniques on fabric but the sample is black and white and still needs stitching done on it. Book covers are on my plate as well as for embroiderers guild this fall we are going to be making books. These are to be finished in time for christmas ... so one class papermaking, another we are doing stamping on fabric for the covers maybe a bit of stitching and another class we will be doing bookbinding to put it all together... so trying out some techniques and samples for the classes. I need to get some ideas together for clasps and closures on the books so any ideas from people would be great. I have also been doing some little lavender satchets. What do you think?
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Sande said...

It looks like an interesting technique. One that I'm not familiar with, but I like the effect. Your book covers are very nice.

charlotte said...

can you please tell me, what notan means? it looks great!