Friday, June 02, 2006

Awaiting food

Awaiting food
Wow this is my view of a family of baby birds and their mother (babys in view) . I can see this from where I sit at the computer and its truly amazing. Earlier this week I could not see their heads when she was in there feeding them... within the last few days they must have had a growth spurt as they all have their heads poking out of the nest .. The nest is there year to year we just leave it there, but this is the first time I see or remember seeing any baby birds in the nest. The momma bird comes back every 5 ish minutes with a new worm for them to eat. She makes a bit of a clucking noise and they rear their heads out of the nest ready for snatching some of the worm she brings.

Oh yes I got a few books yesterday ... my book from Margaret Beale finally arrived .. I ordered it april 3 and it has just come .. It was in its second print so well done Margaret ... will post a pic of my new books in a bit
The other book is 1000 tiles but I will leave you with the baby birds for nowPosted by Picasa


suzanne said...

oh so nice to see the birds grow and eventually leave that nest. It is quit amazing how mother nature has all this, so to speak under her wings. There was some women on a blog who had hummers nesting, had a ruler and showed how small that nest was with three little hummers in there. yes and what kind of bird is that, I have cardinals here, all kinds but that bird has such a pretty voice, thats what Shirley would like at the cottage.
finally got the book great. well will talk soon.
love suzanne

Liz said...

Wonderful view you have there, Sandy! Have you been watching Springwatch on BBC2?

Dianne said...

Awwww how sweet are they, and lucky you can see it right outside your window.. You now how I like the nature LOL..
Will look forward to seeing your books. Margrets will be grrreat..

kathy said...

how lucky you are to have such a 'birds eye view'!!