Monday, June 19, 2006

Challenge with Sisters and Toni

Well here we are Challenge of Fairy Shoes
The first pair I did was in pelmet vilene and I did some machine stitching on them but they did not look so great so onward I did another pair. The Fairy shoes are about 4 inches long and done in felt and painted bondaweb . I did a little star on the toe bit and then hand stitched them together using some metallic thread. Since I have posted these I have cut down the top part so the point is a bit longer as I did not think they looked right. I would like to curl the toe up more and make that tip curl over ... will post again once I play around with them. These were not an original idea I must admit. They were a bit fiddly.
A lady named Annette Emms has them on workshop on the web in the March subscription this year and hers are wonderfully fantastic. You can always get the back issue.

I really would like to do these again trying out different techniques.

Cannot wait to see the girls and what they did. Dianne, Sue and ToniPosted by Picasa


Terry said...

Oh my! These are really enchanting. How large are they?

Tonniece said...

Well Sandy I'm totally shocked that you had them done early (Well for you)LOL
But I knew you'd creat something wonderous, AND YOU HAVE.
Great fun, and frustration with this challenge.
But loved doing it all the same.

E-J said...

Hello Sandy. You seem REALLY into your crafts in a big way lately, producing all kinds of stuff ... is it the arrival of summer that's brought on this wave of creativity, or just something in your coffee?? ;-) Hope I'll get to see you sometime in the next couple of months ...

suzanne said...

Hey Sis,
Well another great job done by all,
they are very nice, like I said I took the easy way out, these are just wonderful, it was fun once again.
I have all these good idea's in my head, it's just getting the feeling to my hands, heheheh
love them.
lv. sue

MargaretR said...

I love your fairy shoes and all the new stuff on your blog. I have you subbed on Bloglines and today it showed 21 new posts! Lovely.
We seem to have a lot in common, I have taken loads of the wrought iron work at the V&A and the Emperors clothes :>)
I also take WOW and particularly enjoyed Annettes fairy shoes article.

MargaretR said...
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emmyschoonbeek said...

Wonderful fairy shoes ,

jenclair said...

These are wonderful, Sandy!

Shirley Goodwin said...

I want some like these to wear!

Liz said...

I could just see these in Lord of the Rings, Sandy! Wonderful!