Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What I have been up to !!??

Well I havent posted in a bit sorry about that but I have been busier then heck here. We have had a few nice days with some warm weather .. about time !!! Been lawn bowling ... working like a mad woman at work!!! its busy right now and there is more but hey lets forget work.

Below I have posted a picture of the baby bird that was in the nest ... well he or she is almost grown now .. and there was a sparrow hawk in the front year on saturday ... trying to get the baby bird the mother was squacking like crazy but I didnt know what for till I looked out and there was the hawk on the front lawn ... and the mother protecting her young ... she did a good job and scared the hawk away. Hence the pic of one of her babies.

The world cup has been going on as well so its all red and white in site. I have also been the the optician and ordered some new glasses ... will show pics when they come in ..

On the weekend I did some dyeing so will post pics of that tomorrow so you have some fabric related stuff to see and also hmm whats the date? 14 june ... 6 days for the challenge with my sisters and friend in canada ... fairy shoes (watch this space).

Did I also mention in august I have to do a presentation at the WI here in the village to show my work of textiles !!! ahhhh have not really done anything like this before ! Perhaps I should look at it like a trial run.
Ok I promise to keep you more up to date now ... BUT HEY I HAVE BEEN BUSY

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