Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cambridgeshire Embroiders Guild Centinary Lunch

This is a great pic of the group that attended the luncheon. The lady in the blue and yellow and white striped dress Maggie Paykel did a fantastic job. I would like to thank her every so much for first ordering the food and then coming in at 9.00 and preparing everything for the luncheon. Expectially since she had just came back from Chicago the night before. Thanks to all the ladies who helped out in making this all happen. If anyone is near enough in cambridgeshire and would like to join please do feel free to leave a message on my blog.
Well done ladies on all the work that you brought in and gave us a chance to see your work. Posted by Picasa


suzanne said...

Well I guess you were taking the pictures, as to why your not in there.
wonderful work by the ladies and as usual your fancy things, great pic's you have taken, and the Lunch must have been execllent I am sure, did you's all bring or was it catered.
lv. Sue

Dianne said...

What a great pic of those talented ladies, and they are a real nice bunch, I really had a great time doing the work shop with them...
Thank them for sharing all the fabulous work they have done and tahnks for the pics..
Love ya..