Monday, July 10, 2006

U F O s

Well I have silly ly (if that is a word) agreed to do a talk about my work last year ... to speak with the WI in august (womens institute) in our village . I am going to talk about my journey and textiles .. or something to that effect. Which means I better get my butt in gear to get some unfinished projects done ... of course before I do that I have to do a small bit of tiling on the kitchen floor.. MISS P crastinator... He had the floor almost done in january and I have left the finishing bit till now .. damn I wish I wouldnt do that... but hey whats that about spots and not changing umm colours or something to that effect.
So I will be posting some pics later tonight to show what I need to finish up and then I will have to do it wont I ... after all once you put it down on the blog .. you have to make it so!!
So of course its raining right now... because I am supposed to go lawn bowling and it either rains or is crazy cool weather... ok ok to be fair there were one or two nights so far that were hot but hey .. not enough of them.. ok rant over !

Off to lawn bowling and see if anyone other silly person is there and have a few ends.. if not
I will be back to start up the UFOs or the mosaic tiles on the kitchen floor or maybe both..
Pics in a bit . Stay tuned


MargaretR said...

I hope you get all your UFO's finished for your WI talk. I am also a procrastinator and I thought blogging the things I had to do would make me do them. It still doesn't work(smile)

downunderdale said...

Yes Sandy - if you write it on your blog then that's it! it is making me work though
cheers Dale

suzanne said...

hello sis,
sisters send their love and good wishes for the speech, but really sure you will do well, and the blogging thing yes it's fun, but getting things done, not too sure about that one either. but it is one way to keep in touch with friends and Loved Ones.
xoxoxxo Sue