Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Well as you will see below, I am going to be very busy. Today I am off work YIPPEE and have tons to do as you can very well see. Along with this is the small bit of tile floor I must do today.
But do I want to do all those UFOs NO I would rather do some dyeing or something new..
Will update you with what I get accomplished today.

Have a good one its going to be warm out there today in the UK


suzanne said...

WOW that is a lot to finish off.
But we as in WE all know it will be completed just on time.
Went to Cathy's yesterday for supper and later in the hot tub, YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! that was very refreshing.
Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments, I feel like a peacock. heheheeheheh
love XO Sue

kirsty said...

Have a happy "making " day!
Thanks for the link, too :)