Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sneak preview for Marion B Posted by Picasa


Valeri said...

What wonderful storage!

Tonniece said...

Hey there Sandy girl.

Thanks for the green paper.....LOVE IT. Dianne gave it to me the other day, to my surprise, HUMMMM!!!!!! what to do with it though. Too lovely to touch it just yet.LOL
Glad to be back on line although there seem to be a few glitches still.
Talk to you soon
Love Tonniece

E-J said...

Was sure I left a comment for you the other day, but it's not showing up.

I'm due on 29 Aug, so not planning another trip to Cambridge - unless there's absolutely no sign of anything happening on my due date, in which case I may brave the KTog!!

marion said...

Damn. If only I were going straight home again, rather than via La Belle France... sigh... Still, I'll enjoy a little patting of fabric before we leave!

k baxter packwood said...

Awesome use of a dining room!

I have the fabrics and the little plastic piece(what is that exactly, it's really cool) you sent me, absolutely love them. I truly wish I could work with synthetic dyes but am too allergic to do so.

I've been too busy to start the quilt of my mother, now that things are slowing down a bit I'm ready to start in on the journey. I've come to the realization that this simply cannot be rushed!