Thursday, August 31, 2006

Update, update!!

Well ok its now thursday and I have done the WI talk. That went very well they had a whopping 18 ish women there to come and listen to my talk.. first of all they sat about 12 feet from me .. I said ohh ladies you might want to move up close to me here so you can see and feel the fabrics... they moved a bit ... i said oohh just a bit closer ... so they came up real close which was good.. I started out saying that if they got bored the signal was a yawning noise ... luckily I didnt get any of those. I ended up talking and telling them about my fashion design certificate and what I made for that and then onto sewing and patchwork and then all the other things I have done since.. Lots of WIPS or UFOs.. but I did say that I work full time, lawn bowling , embroiderers guild walk every morning and take care of the house and this is what I do in my spare time .. oh yes and handed out my cards with my blog addy on it .. perhaps they might read this post. So all in all it was good and great experience for me.. I did write up a speech to say but in the end did not use it.
Second ... well I went to have a scan done on this dark patch I have on my face. It wasnt to big but I was concerned in case... so I went to the hospital grrrr parking sucks there but that is a whole other post. They said what I have is something called solar keratonis .. its from over the years being in the sun and sunbeds GUILTY AS CHARGED... so the doctor said it was not cancerous !!! phew good news but was sun damage and he could remove this with Cryosurgery.. freezing it off my face.. NOW he said ohh no time to even get scared about it. So he says to the consultant to get the freezing stuff .. she came back with this bottle looking like a fire extinguisher but blue ... and he did a couple of small blasts on my cheek and that was it .. he said oh it might tingle a bit for a while ... IT DID. But do you think they could kinda disguise this bottle .. look a bit better like I dont know anything would have looked nicer .. like here is this torch thingy coming at your face..
So anyways I went back to work ... it did get red and puffy and still is a bit. He told me this would do that and then in a few days this scab would form and then fall off and I have a pink patch there which will heal up. So last night I went to bed feeling a bit like WHERES MY MOMMY and stayed in bed watching TV all night. So unlike me .. but today got up and things are back to normal .. well except for this thing on my face .. will take a pic if anyone is interested!! ehhe


Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh go us a pic!

Sandra White said...

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platitudinal said...

Sounded like you had a really good presentation, Sandy! That was a bit scarry about the sking thing, I'm glad that it wasn't cancerous. Hope you feel better soon :)

Carol said...

Hi Sandy,

Phew! Thank goodness the skin thing wasn't c.... well you know. That must have been a worry for you.

Sounds like you had a great time with the WI, knew you would. WIsh I could have been there to enjoy it.

Take care,


Tonniece said...

Hey Sandy

Congrats on your talk.I knew you would do great, You talker you. LOL

Scary news about your face, I would have been scared also. But alls well that ends well. Hope you fell better today.


suzanne said...

Hello Sis,
Glad everything is good health wise.
That instrument would have taken me back too.
Knew you were going to do great with the WI Talk and Yahoo!!!
And pic's please pic's.
Lv. Suzanne

jackie said...

Your banner looks good, pleased you managed to sort it. Sorry about the health problems.

MargaretR said...

Hi Sandy. Congrats on the WI talk. I'm so glad the mark on your face was not a 'nasty' and that you will soon be feeling fine.

E-J said...

Oh, yuk! Not sure I want to see photos ... Very glad to hear it wasn't anything more serious, though.

Thanks for your comments on the blog. Melody is sleeping contentedly in her Moses basket as I type this! We had a challenging afternoon of colic that stretched on into the night, but after trying all the remedies we knew, eventually a good feed + four hours' sleep + another decent feed = happy baby today.